Marx Manifesto of the Communist Party Essay


Read the attached article from Marx “Manifesto of the Communist Party” and write 700 words on the following prompts;

  1. Many historians have observed that the real hero of Marx’s COMMUNIST MANIFESTO seems actually to be the capitalist bourgeoisie. Who are the ‘bourgeoisie’ according to Marx? How does he view their historical role; what does he take them to have achieved? On the other hand, why does he think the capitalist system (like all others in History so far) to be one inherently and unavoidably based on class-division and class-struggle?
  2. Marx thinks that industrial society is the first type of society in human history that will allow humanity to move beyond class divisions. He says that ‘industrial capitalism’ has a fundamental contradiction within it; Can you detect what he takes this contradiction to be and what it has to do with the ‘proletarians’ and their condition in capitalism?
  3. Ultimately, both Capitalist and Communist societies,

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